Project Ninja DH



The story project Ninja DH started writing up more than three years ago. His proposal was the beginning of the rear wheel suspension system by the czech engineer Zdenek Urban, later registered under the name Drive Link Pivot®. It is now used on all full suspension frames AGang brand - Ninja, Cult and Trinity. It was only a matter of time before the world sees the light of special prototype downhill, which will be used in the most extreme disciplines of mountain bike and it only confirms the excellent attributes of the system Drive Link Pivot®.

It is the third collection, ready for 2012, is the best opportunity to present unique prototype that comes with a single task - to combine top technology in itself. Each component is in the prototype and its justification for its selection are hidden inside the endless discussion of the AGang creative team.

One of the most crucial part of the full suspension frame are bearings. In this case, we used Norglide composite bearings, which are located in a pole. The material of these deposits was invented at the State Institute of Science, Materials in the former Czechoslovakia during the 70th years and after almost half a century getting this unique opportunity to discover the material in conjunction with other czech idea Drive Link Pivot® on czech bike.

Other less important components from the world's leading bicycle brands also include the top technologies and innovations for 2012. By this we thanks all partners for their generous support of the project Ninja DH.

Weight of a complete prototype bike including pedals is 15,15 kg!

NOTICE: Ninja DH is a prototype and will not be produced in 2012.


For more information on DLP® can be found in the AG section FSX laboratory frames : DLP - Drive Link Pivot



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