Project Patriot 27,5"


The story of the PATRIOT 27.5" Project started as the new wheel size 27.5" came around. We had in our minds new frame specifically designed for FSX Trail category. Our engineers saw many advantages with 27.5" wheel size in combination with our original suspension system Drive Link Pivot®. We believe PATRIOT is the future for FSX Trail riding. Right amount of wheel travel (140mm), right size of wheels (27.5") and right performance of suspension system (DLP®) is what we dreamed about.


WHY 27,5"?

In terms of the handling characteristics of an off-road bicycle, primarily the following are key, which are directly related to wheel diameter.

  • Ride stability
  • The ability of the wheel to clear off-road obstacles
  • The energy needed to propel the bicycle

Ride stability depends on the gyroscopic effect of the wheel, which makes itself felt during the wheel’s rotation. This stabilising effect increases with wheel diameter. Thus, larger wheels are more stable but are more difficult to manoeuvre. That is why the 27.5" is an excellent compromise between manoeuvrability and stability.

When a wheel encounters an obstacle between the wheel and the ground, the force is felt at the centre of the wheel. This force is smaller in a 29" wheel as compared to a 26" wheel. Thus, a larger diameter wheel gives you a better feeling when clearing off-road obstacles. The 27.5" size is a compromise between both sizes.

Another advantage in favour of the 27.5" size is lower rolling resistance as compared to a 26" wheel. Additionally, the larger wheel size has a larger contact area, which means better traction and less expended energy when riding through loose and muddy terrain.

27,5" vs. 26"

  • Better stability
  • Greater ability to clear off-road obstacles
  • Lower rolling resistance
  • Better traction – better power transfer and better weight distribution

27,5" vs. 29"

  • Better manoeuvrability
  • Simpler design/structural design of rigid and FSX frames
  • Better tuning of the kinematics of FSX frames

Prepared by: Ing. Jiří Marján



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