Bikepark Špičák


The Bikepark situated on Špičák in the Šumava Mountains offers brand-new bikes in its bike renting facility in this year’s summer season. "We have made an agreement with AGang, a young Czech brand whose bikes have become very popular because of their functionalities and reliability, which are very important characteristics for a bike renting facility. We currently offer altogether 27 new bikes "AGang 2013" for rent, in the designs of downhill, freeride, as well as cross-country (mountain bikes) versions, also for women and children. After the season they will be subject to regular replacements," says Radek Vaniš from Ski&Bike Špičák.

"AGang supports high-quality places for biking in the Czech Republic. We started in the other part of our country in the mountain area of Jizerské Hory by supporting Singltrek pod Smrkem - the best place for trail biking. And now we are adding cooperation with the best known and in our opinion also the best Czech bike park. We do appreciate that it is just our bikes that are to be used in the Špičák area," stressed Jára Spěšný, representative of AGang.

Cooperation of the Ski&Bike Špičák resort and the AGang bike manufacturer is perceived as a long-term project. A promoter of this brand will be also Honza Ofner, builder of Špičák tracks, who tried AGang CULT and NINJA and is a highly respected personality also for the biker community.

Detailed descriptions and photographs of the bikes stated in the table, which you can normally borrow and test in Špičák, can be found on the web pages at

  • NINJA DH - downhill
  • NINJA 2.0 - freeride
  • GANGSTA 6.29 - xc
  • GANGSTA 6.0 - xc
  • NIKITA 4.0 - xc women’s bike
  • CAPO 24 - children’ֹs bike
  • CAPO 20 - children’ֹs bike

The Špičák resort in the Šumava Mountains is the only Czech bike park that is registered in the European system “Gravity Card”. This makes it possible to buy a special season ticket at a uniform price in any of the participating resorts. Bikers having this ticket can automatically enjoy free entry into all other bike parks in this system. At this time it includes 11 European resorts (besides the Czech Republic also Germany, Austria and Slovenia). Through the project of joint tickets during the summer season, Špičák continues in its cooperation with the German Geisskopf resort situated nearby. At the end of June – 29-30 June, the Špičák tracks will welcome (already for the fourth time in sequence) one of the European Downhill Cup races. This is the only event of such importance that is organised in the territory of the Czech Republic. The national Czech Downhill Cup will be held in the Špičák resort this year for the first time. The final race of the entire series will take place on 10 August. Fort details please visit

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