Brand AGang


What is AGang?

A new cycling brand that has been operating on the market since 2010. Model collections include all categories of bikes, from children’s to downhill. Our bikes are developed with a concentrated emphasis on quality and favorable pricing. Our structural designs and technical specifications are also tailored to satisfy demanding domestic consumers. There are clear and specific distinctions from other conventional brands on the market, such as 20-speed gearshifts, our own shock-absorption system, etc…. The geometry of our frames and choice of components help to make our bikes an instrument for enjoying free time.

Why did AGang originate?

The idea to establish a new brand was not a new one, but it needed to undergo an evolution of sorts before it could come into being and acquire solid form. There were a number of issues that needed to be understood, experience to be gained, and the right people to be met. After several years on the market, we can now see that we made the right decision. The emerging generation of bikers have rapidly begun to favour AGang, and the number of AGang bike owners is growing swiftly.

How is AGang created?

AGang has three levels of design - functional, componential, and form. Our collection is essentially divided into 11 model series. Each series is precisely constructed on the foundations of the specific demands of not only riding properties, but accessories and design of each specific bike as well. Many of the components and parts that we use in the construction of our bikes are of our own design.

What kinds of unique structural designs does AGang offer?

In 2011, AGang introduced its own structural design involving the suspension of the rear wheel for dual-suspension bikes, marked with the Drive Link Pivot® label. It is based on a four-pivot mechanism of our own unique design, in which the rear construction pin is situated over the axis of the wheel. This is historically the first Czech structural design of rear wheel suspension to be resolved in this manner that was also developed entirely in the Czech Republic by engineer Zdeněk Urban.

The Drive Link Pivot® system was also used for the prototype of our downhill special Ninja DH, which was built with the intention of testing the superb characteristics of this type of rear wheel suspension. Ninja DH is, quite literally, the fusion of the latest technologies representing not only AGang, but international component manufacturers as well.

Beginning in 2013, Ninja DH and Ninja DH Team have been produced serially. In their first season, these models earned immense popularity with customers, as well as exceptional results in tests in cycling media in the Czech Republic and abroad!

For the year 2014 we are coming with new platform Patriot, which was developed and tested for past two years and already before coming to the market gained lot of respect from media. System Drive Link Pivot®, new frame with perfect geometry with 140 mm travel and 27.5" wheel size make Patriot the most universal full suspension bike for all generations!

What kinds of bikes does AGang offer?

AGang offers bikes for downhill (Ninja DH), freeride (Ninja), trail/enduro (Patriot), enduro (Cult), miss enduro (Trinity), mtb trail 27.5” (Léon), mtb trail 26” (Gangsta), mtb trail 29” (Gangsta 29), mtb miss trail 26”/27.5” (Nikita), city (Sincity), freestyle bmx (Pimp), freestyle mtb (Exe) and children’s bikes (Capo / Angel / Big Boss). We offer bikes designed specifically for men, women, and unisex. Each model series carries a uniform name, and is designated by number according to price category. The higher is the number, the more expensive the model.

Where can I buy or test AGang?

Our distribution network extends across the entire Czech Republic, and around the world.

AGang test centers:

  • Singltrek Nove Mesto pod Smrkem
  • Bikepark Spicak
  • Bikepark Straz pod Ralskem
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