AGang Léon 27.5 at Singltrek - video


Here is the full version of promo video of one of the best riding destination in these days – Singltrek pod Smrkem, which is AGang proud partner! Pls see below for all the info text and of course the link to the vid.


Dear Singltrek friends,

The full version of our Singltrek Pod Smrkem Autumn 2012 video is here. We would like to share the enjoyment with you. If you like it, do spread it further, so others know. 

We worked hard for the entire year. We have 10km of new trails. And we provide full service to mountain bikers in the new Singltrek Centrum trailhead facility. The main thing did not change however - Singltrek pod Smrkem is pure mountain biking fun. We believe our video does tell.

You can find the link to video here:

This time the riding and shooting was done by a talented young rider-film-maker Jirka Fikejz. Jirka commented on his work at Singltrek pod Smrkem.

Ahoj, the final version of the video from narrow trails at Singltrekpod Smrkem is here! I got a chance to test AGang prototype a middlesize wheels - Léon 27.5 inches. Together with a changing weather it was a great experience.

During the few days on the trails beautiful autumn changed to fog and then to snowstorm. In all of these conditions riding Léon was a great adventure. Bigger then unusual wheel size is moving the mountain biking world and according to my recent experience it is ideal in every aspect. Léon keeps momentum better while retaining the perfect control of the usual 26 inch wheels.

AGang Léon will be part of the test bike fleet at Singltrek Centrum during 2013 season, so everyone will get a chance to try out this bike created specially for trail riding.

I wish to thank to my partners for their trust and help, I hope you all will enjoy this video of my riding.

Jiri Fikejz - AGang test rider

Camera: Canon EOS 650D, Sony NEX FS-700

Special thanks to: Jan Mocnak, Spaceman, Tomas Kvasnicka and Singltrek centre


Tomáš Kvasnička
Singltrek, s.r.o.

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