Ninja DH Team on air!


We always strive to offer our customers the best and most functional components what the market offer! We have been testing air shocks for longer travel bikes for several years already and Ninja 3.0 (freeride model) is actually equipped with it for three years now. Longer travel air shocks undergone great development in general and from the beginning we started the project Ninja DH we tested the air shock Rock Shox Vivid Air R2C on this special downhill bike too. Our last tests forced us literally at the last minute to change the specification of the model Ninja DH Team! Performance of Vivid Air R2C shock is so great that for the year 2013 will be our top model serially equipped with this particular shock already! Finally, we should also mention that BOXXER World Cup (air fork) works great with Vivid Air R2C as far as setting up and running!

Complete bike Ninja DH Team 2013 retail price remains the same!

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