Close to the border among the Czech Republic, Germany and Poland, on the slopes of the Smrk mountain (Tafelfichte, The Spruce) is a home of some of the best MTB trails – the Czechs call them Singltrek. They now start at Singltrek Centrum, a state-of-the-art trailhead facility where mountain bikers can set up for the ride, get some equipment, get snack and drink and rest after it all. From 2012 the current services will be complemented with full-on presence of bikes that make the riding here even sweeter. Czech brand AGang made Singltrek Centrum its official base camp – and their bikes will be there for all the riders to try out.

Nové Město pod Smrkem, Czech Republic / 1.1.2012

Singltrek pod Smrkem is a first "purpose built" trail system in continental Europe. It is inspired by the trend of Welsh, Scottish and Irish "trail centres" designed wholly for mountain bikers’ enjoyment. And it is designed so all can enjoy – from the beginners to pro riders. In the relatively short time of its existence Singltrek pod Smrkem gained devoted fans not only from the Czech Republic, but also from neighbouring Poland and nearby Saxony. They all come to Frýdlant region, under the majestic mountain of Smrk (Tafelfichte, The Spruce) for the total mountain biking experience. And their riding is so good that from the late 2011 Singltrek pod Smrkem become „IMBA Ride Center“ - the only European MTB destination among the 7 which have been awarded such status globally.

Such large trail system – in fact 60 km of purpose designed trails for mountain bikers of all age and abilities for 2012 season – would not work well without a well specced trailhead. The newly opened Singltrek Centrum, a state-of-the-art trailhead facility located in a beautiful setting on the bank of a lake offers not just the ubiquitous WCs, showers, dress-rooms, children playground, bike wash or café, it also spots a bikeshop and room for demo bikes.

The only problem Singltrek Centrum had was to find bikes that fit well to the philosophy of Singltrek. The young progressive Czech MTB brand AGang is a perfect match – they focus on bikes that fit the ordinary rider rather then a racer and bikes that ride for pleasure rather then a stopwatch.

In 2012 the partnership between Singltrek Centrum and AGang begins with a fleet of more then 20 demo bikes for everyone to try out and with retailing AGang in Singltrek Centrum’s bikeshop. The two parties do not hide however, that they will work closely together on publicity matters and do want to move the partnership to a next level soon.

Do you want to really enjoy your ride at Singltrek pod Smrkem in 2012? Try its flow trails on a bike that matches them.


Jára (Spaceman) Spěšný, AGang product manager:

AGang bikes and Singltrek Centrum have the same vision of mountain biking in the Czech Republic. We simply believe people should enjoy themselves on their bikes – and Singltrek trails are a wonderful way to do so. Together we want to complement trails – Singltrek Centrum by providing a place where to chill out and AGang by making available bikes that are fun to ride on Singltrek.

Tomáš Kvasnička, Singltrek designer:

When we conceived the idea of Singltrek pod Smrkem we imagine that one day the lakeside at Nové Město pod Smrkem will give the riders all the services they need. Obviously, we knew this includes the right kind of bikes. Thank to our co-operation with AGang this is now reality. We can show people that they will best enjoy Singltrek trails on bike that is not necessarily expensive, but needs to be designed with trails in mind.


Singltrek is a term used in the Czech Republic for a set of proffesional planning practices and trails they produce. Such trails are sensitive to natural environment and respect the needs of forest management. Singltrek trails bring mountain biking experiences to the scope of riders to which they were previously not accessible. The know-how of Singltrek has been brought to the Czech Republic by world renowned expert Dafydd Davis and adapted to local conditions by Tomáš Kvasnička.

Singltrek pod Smrkem,

Singltrek pod Smrkem is a first Singltrek destination and a first purpose built mtb trail system in Central Europe. It lies in Frýdlant region in the Northern Czech Republic, close to borders with Germany and Poland. The trails lie on the slopes of regions’ highest mountain Smrk (Tafelfichte). Throughout 2011 the trail system spreads to neighboring Poland to reach total lenght of approx. 55 km. From the late 2011 Singltrek pod Smrkem is „IMBA Ride Center“ - the only European MTB destination among the 7 which have been awarded such status globally.

Singltrek Centrum,

Singltrek Centrum in Nové Město pod Smrkem is the trailhead facility for Singltrek pod Smrkem. Located in a beautiful settings on the bank of a lake with a panorama of the mountain of Smrk (1124 m. n.m.) Singltrek Centrum provides the opportunity to set up for the ride, get some equipment, get a snack and drink and rest after it all. Other then WC, showers, dress-rooms, children playground, bike wash and café Singltrek Centrum newly offers a chance to test and buy AGang bikes. In 2012 the fleet will have more than 20 test bikes.


AGang is young progressive Czech brand focused on non-competitive mountain bikes. Even if only two years in existence AGang already gained considerable customer base and began to fill the vacuum in designer bikes that previously existed on the Czech market. AGang bikes are designed to make experience out of the time you spent riding.

Jaromír (Spaceman) Spěšný

Jaromír Spěšný is a former internationally renown MTB trials rider. Jaromír spent major part of his career in Asia where he got nickname „Spaceman“. After his return home Jaromír started co-operating with one of the strongest players on the Czech market - Author bicycles. Out of this cooperation a sister brand of Author slowly emerged – young progressive AGang bikes. Jaromír’s ambition is to design bikes that make ordinary riders feel like champions when they are on the trail.

Tomáš Kvasnička

Tomáš Kvasnička is Singltrek trail designer. Tomáš gained experience working among the best of world”s trail experts. Together with his collegues he has developed an integrated trail planning and design system first used for his work on Singltrek pod Smrkem. Tomáš is known for his professional approach and focus on trails that respect nature and accomodate wide scale of users.


Singltrek basecamp
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